With her dance Rosalia takes us on a sensuous journey to the fabulous world of the Orient. A lively and diversified choreographies, rich and colourful costumes, interesting props. The guarantee of professionalism and good fun.


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Classic belly dance, Egyptian, Turkish and Persian folk, joyful and lyric pop belly dance, belly Latino, oriental tango, oriental flamenco, expressive drum solo, modern belly dance, belly dance show, Oriental Cairo style, dance with props: Isis wings, veils, fan veils, swords, zills cymbals, assaya, magic balls, oriental fans, maracas, tambourine, Egyptian candlesticks - Shamadan, living snakes, visitors animations.

Rosalia also performs with the Sihir Stars, with both the 7-9 dancer formations and the mini ones consisting of 3-6 persons, and in a duo. The formation is able to provide a show lasting from two minutes to three hours, including division into sets.

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Rosalia performed in the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and Belarus, Great Britain, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, Latvia, Lithuenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Norway and several Polish towns - for example at the following hotel companys:
Amathus, Palm Beach, Sheraton, Qubus , Holiday Inn

In hotels:
Aeneas - Ayia Napa, Intercontinental - Warsaw, Mercure - Kasprowy - Zakopane, Mazurkas - O?arów Mazowiecki, Kliczków Castle, Kurozweki Palace, Cracovia - Cracow, Radisson - Warsaw, Cracow, Go3ebiewski - Wis3a, Bia3ystok, Skalny - Karpacz, Witek - Modlnica near Cracow, Przec3aw Castle, Castello - Wolbrom, Hotel Ostaniec - Podlesice, Villa Verde - Zawiercie, Europejski - Cracow.

She also performed in television programs, for example:
Ireneusz Dudek's Benefit performance (Benefis Ireneusza Dudka), Urchins from our class (Ananasy z naszej klasy), A question for breakfast (Pytanie na ?niadanie), Business guaranteed (Biznes z gwarancj?), WySPA for Polsat, Cracow Chronicle.

She danced at some important cultural events: Cracow Concert hall, 2012, Days of Krynica, 2011, Grand Prix of Poland in Ballroom Dance, 2006, 2010 and 2011, 2nd Arabic Days, Cracow, 2006, Summer Ananday Dance Festival, 2007 and 2008, Days of Niepo3omice, 2007, Dragons' Parade with the Groteska Theatre, 2008, promotion of the book "The Elixir of the Orient", 2007, the Architect's Ball at Kanonicza street, the Polish premiere of Toyota Auris, company party in Galaktyka, Cracow. The Magic Evening of Oriental Dance in Cracow, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Phenix Dance Show, Bia3ystok, 32010, the S3owacki Theatre Stage "Przy Pompie", Cracow, 2010.

She gave shows in such exclusive places as: Stalowe Magnolie, Piano Rouge, Klub Mira?e, Cafe Molier, Godziny ("Hours", evening with the author), Flower Power, Klub Plastyków (Artists' Club) (Fiesta Latino), Galeria Krakowska (Cracow Gallery), Galeria Bonarka (Bonarka Gallery), Cinema Kijów, Klub Parlament (Parliament Club), Dworek Bia3opr?dnicki (Bia3opradnicki Manor), Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Fantasy Park Plaza and in many others.

Apart from the above Rosalia conducts workshops and classes at advanced and master levels, instruction in both Polish and English.

To enquire about prices of shows, workshops, individual lessons as well about technical conditions and dates please contact us by phone:+48 696 943 114, + 48 600 384 700 or by e-mail: sihir@sihir.pl i rozaliaart@interia.pl